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Esperanza Boutique Hotel of Lykia

As vital as hope; Esperanza...

In Antalya Karaöz, just 900 meters away from the Mediterranean Sea, among lush pine forests, where hope breathes, renewal begins, vacation and peace are reinterpreted.

Esperanza; “The hope of a holiday, a renewal…”

Hope is about our expectations…

In Esperanza, you live your expectations in the vitality of hope…

Esperanza is a place where you will feel very special with its location and location, with its ambiance and approach that meets your emotional expectations beyond the quality services it offers.

Because in Esperenza;

An atmosphere of fresh hope,

An interest in the vitality of hope,

All flavors in the vitality of hope

There is a life of hope…

In Esperanza; You experience peace, flavors, entertainment, rest, enjoyment, and resurrection of hope.

Esperanza; with exquisite antiques, elegant and comfortable furniture and rustic details, with its carefully decorated interior, it is in the vitality of hope…

For the guests to feel peaceful and have a pleasant holiday stay  during their time in Esperanza, everything is in the freshness of hope …

Miles away from the stress , hustle and bustle of the city, facing south ; adorned with orchards, on one and a half acres of green land with a unique view, in the heart of nature and in the freshness of hope as it is intertwined with the forest…

POOL (m²)


Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

You are in one of the most ideal places to spend a peaceful and pleasant time with your friends.

Dining Organizations

Dining Organizations

One of the most enjoyable features of Esperanza is its truly delicious and elegant tables where natural products are at the forefront. If you try it once, you will understand better.

Group Organizations

Group Organizations

Esperanza, which is open throughout the year, allows small and medium-sized groups to have a pleasant time with its 13-room boutique setting.

Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Special days turn into unforgettable memories in pleasant places filled with very special feelings. Many details have been considered for this in Esperanza.


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The natural environment offers honey, milk, vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs.Thanks to the climate conditions with microclimate features and inspired by the plant diversity of the region, exotic and endemic plants were also blended in Esperanza garden.

In addition to this providing heating with solar energy, the entire water requirements for the hotel, including potable water, is provided by a special system with sand filter.

Fresh and homemade jams of orange, lemon, lime, apricot, plum, almond, pomegranate, apple, quince, mulberry, kumquat, fig, tangerine, guena, grapefruit, olive, grape, blackberry, as well as marmalade and compotes are grown in the garden of Esperanza.

Fresh eggs, pepper, tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini and other seasonal fruits and vegetables from the surrounding gardens are also served in a traditional style.

A gourmet restaurant is offering unique tastes of Mediterranean Cuisine…

A bar is offering natural juices, special drinks, cocktails and an outstanding wine selections…

You will start the day with a mixed breakfast with all these unique flavors and end it with the breeze of the Mediterranean cuisine.

During the day, you can reach also take advantage from alternative food selections according to your taste and request.